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High Performance Illuminators for Video Surveillance

High Performance Illuminators for Video Surveillance

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Advanced Lighting

Raytec are lighting specialists and renowned the world over for high quality manufacturing process and lighting performance. The Vareo range are the first choice for security installers

Raytec guarantee the light distance performance as shown in their data sheets. With quality low-light cameras, like Avigilon and Mobotix, even longer distances are possible.

UK made

All Raytec illuminators are designed and manufactured in the UK in one central production facility for higher quality control.

Quality Manufacturing

The very nature of security critical applications demands the highest levels of product quality and quality control. Raytec go above and beyond to ensure their products are first and foremost, suitable and safe for their application, but also industry leading in their reliability, design and performance.

Being able to design and manufacture in the UK is critical to this.

Having one central production facility makes quality control easier, and allows us to ensure that every product meets our high standards before it leaves the Raytec factory. UK manufacturing is central to the product quality.

Raytec products are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.



Lighting distances in the Raytec datasheets are absolutely guaranteed.

Guaranteed light distance

To allow security professionals to achieve high quality surveillance images all Raytec illuminators deliver a minimum light level on scene of 0.35uW/cm2 for Infra-Red and 3 Lux for White Light at their maximum stated distance.

With Raytec you can be sure that our distance performance is real and easily achievable.

These on scene power levels were set to allow medium performance cameras deliver outstanding results.

With high performance or professional low-light cameras, such as Avigilon and Mobotix, even longer distances are possible.



Hybrid combines White-Light and Infra-Red technology into a single illuminator.

IR and White light in one

Ratytec's Hybrid range combines White-Light and IR into a single unit.

The benefit to Hybrid is that the number of illuminators on-site can be reduced along with the amount of cabling and other infrastructure required; ultimately lowering overall capital outlay.

Hybrid doesn’t compromise on performance, achieving the same power and distance as two dedicated illuminators.

Because IR and White-Light are never switched on at the same time, the LEDs in each half are kept cool by the illuminator’s heat sync which draws heat away from the whole illuminator.

Raytec also offer IP and PoE enabled lighting for cost effective installation.



Raytec's Vario IP range have an integrated web interface that provides easy remote management of your Raytec devices.

Smart Web Interface

The Vario IP range can be networked and include an integrated web interface which provides direct control over the illuminator.

This allows easy, simple set-up and configuration from anywhere on the network. It also allows an operator to take direct control over individual illuminators or groups of illuminators to respond to events on site in real time, adjusting the illuminator for the best performance.

Used in this way, lighting can be instantly adjusted to deliver the best CCTV images at any time, or to respond to operational changes on site.

Rather than making final adjustment to illuminator settings in situ, often up a ladder or lift, installers now have quick access to the lighting at any time using a computer. This reduces visits to site and minimises labour time and costs.



Designed for outdoor installation and can withstand the most harsh environments.

designed to last

You can install a Raytec illuminator out of the box and into any location - no additional housing required.

Every device is weatherproof to an IP 66 rating, when installed correctly.

These low-maintenance illuminators offer an estimated 10-year lifespan which is a great return on your investment.