Made In Germany

Manufactured in Germany the Mobotix cameras are robust, all-in-one surveillance devices. Each is equipped with advanced analytics that continues to monitor the scene for accurate video alarming.

The Mobotix technology has been integrated into Suretek's RemoteGuard video monitoring solution which enables our installers to earn recurring revenue every month.


Mobotix cameras have an intelligent on-board motion algorithm that delivers accurate movement alarm detection and notification detection.


When correctly configured this intelligent 3D motion analyser can differentiate between events that are relevant and irrelevant to educes the number of false alarms.

With proper programming this motion detector can reliably detect moving humans and vehicles and reducing false alarms in the event of interference such as animals, rain, snowfall or moving trees.

MxActivitySensor can be used accurately monitor fence lines and large areas and is especially accurate when enabled in Mobotix Thermal camera range


Made in Germany the cameras are built to last and can withstand extraordinary conditions all year round.

Built To Last

All Mobotix products are built to last. Cameras that have been installed in extreme conditions over 10 years ago are still operating today like new.

The fibre glass re-inforced plastics on the outdoor range are UV resistant and impervious to salt water, sunlight and chemical wash down.

Mobotix is the first choice for extreme conditions in factories, manufacturing, coastal areas and remote locations where local maintenance is unavailable.

Optional extended warranties are available to extended to 8 years.


Each Mobotix camera is equipped with a microphone and speaker, and VoIP for instant 2-way audio communication.

2-way Comms

Mobotix cameras facilitate 2-way audio communication between the operator and the site.

This allows the cameras to be used as a convenient means of communicating with onsite staff and customers.

High definition Audio/Video recording is possible with instant AV recording and live AV playback.

The VoIP technology in the cameras can also be programmed to initiate phone calls and announce pre-recorded messages based on event type.

Video Monitoring

The Mobotix technology integrates seamlessly with the RemoteGUARD video monitoring network.

Verified Emergency Response

Add 24/7 video monitoring services to your Mobotix system installations by connecting your cameras to the RemoteGUARD network.

The RemoteGUARD network is a patented solution that provides monitoring centres with instant visual verification of “who” or “what” has caused the alarm event so the operator can make an informed decision as to whether or not a police emergency response is required, (see video monitoring vs. video verification)

Cameras equipped with Mobotix MxActivitySensor motion analytics, are perfectly suited to RemoteGUARD because of its inherent ability to detect of movement of humans and vehicles outdoors.



Mobotix Thermal cameras include advanced movement analytics providing an accurate outdoor monitoring solution.

Critical Surveillance

The Mobotix Thermal camera range integrates thermographic imaging with the MxActivitySensor to provide a cost effective, highly accurate outdoor monitoring solution that will monitor and detect movement very large areas.

The onboard analytics can be trained to ignore irrelevant "objects" such as animals, while alarming on people and vehicles. With the right lens combination, movement can be accurately detected beyond 70m from the device even through heavy fog, rain or smoke.

The thermal technology connects directly with the RemoteGUARD video monitoring network.


Mobotix provides a comprehensive range of quality cameras and devices.



Small indoor wall mount hemispheric camera that captures a super wide 180˚ field of view. Blends into any environment


Outdoor wall/ceiling mount camera with an optional vandal kit. Compatible with all Mobotix lenses. Blends into any environment


Outdoor dual lens dome camera with optional vandal kit. Auto switching between day/night mode. Adjustable interchangeable lenses.

Door Station

Access Control device with two way VoiP audio/video. 180˚ high resolution video and programmable RFID/PIN access system.



Small indoor ceiling mount hemispheric camera that captures a super wide 180˚ field of view. Sits flush to ceiling tiles and plasterboard.


Robust outdoor wall/ceiling mount camera with IP66 rating. Compatible with all Mobotix lenses. Ideal for harsh outdoor conditions.


Bullet resistant, reinforced steel dual lens camera with optional vandal kit. Auto switching between day/night mode.


Three storage devices available to provide video management of H.264 and MxPEG video using MxManagementCenter.



Small indoor ceiling mount camera that can be fitted with any Mobotix lens. Adjustable lens mount lets you tilt the angle of the lens.


Robust outdoor wall/ceiling mount dual lens camera with IP66 rating. Auto switching between day/night mode. Ideal for harsh conditions.


Detects heat radiation so can accurately monitor movement over distances in all lighting and environmental conditions.

Interface Boxes

A range of MxBus add ons are available which add powerful features and increased functionality to your Mobotix systems.



Indoor dome camera with optional vandal kit. Modular design allows for fast install. Also includes Unusual Motion Detection analytics


Dual lens camera with flexible cabling for discrete monitoring. Auto switching between day/night mode. Various install options.


Here are four cameras offering PTZ and fixed zoom options. These are designed to complement the fixed range of Mobotix cameras.


This video management software allows you to manage Mobotix camera, devices and recorded video.