H4 ES Camera Line

H4 ES Camera Line

Cameras with built in NVR, VMS and SSD technology

Cameras with built in NVR, VMS and SSD technology


Home Surveillance Avigilon

IP Video with
Advanced AI Analytics

Avigilon manufactures world class surveillance cameras equipped with Self Learning AI analytics that continues to monitor and adapt to the scene for accurate video alarming.

The Avigilon technology has been integrated into Suretek's RemoteGuard video monitoring solution which enables our installers to earn recurring revenue every month.

AI Analytics

Avigilon's cameras have on-board Artificial Intelligence motion software that deliver unprecedented movement alarm detection and notification accuracy.

Self Learning Analytics and UMD

Avigilon's AI Analytics combined both Self Learning Analytics and Unique Motion Detection combined to deliver unprecedented movement alarm notification and accuracy.

The H4 HD camera range include AI Analytics that offer proactive surveillance capturing alarm events while ignoring redundant movement.

The AI analytics are managed by the camera and the events can be quickly accessed and searched via Avigilon Control Center software.

Avigilon's AI Analytics system are compatible with the RemoteGUARD network which allows you to offer high-end video monitoring with every Avigilon installation.


Open Systems

ONVIF-compliant devices and third party brands can be integrated into the Avigilon ecosystem including cameras, access control, alarm systems and point of sale.

Integrates other brands

The Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) video management software facilitates an all encompassing ecosystem that lets you add ONVIF compatible camera brands with Avigilon devices.

From within the ACC software interface you can also manage and configure multiple system simultaneously - cameras, POS, ANPR/LPR and access control.

In addition to video management software, Avigilon provides a range of NVRs and video appliance that increases your integration options.

The recently released Avigilon AI Appliance can be used to overlay high end analytics to standard H.264 cameras that may already be installed onsite.



Avigilon LPR analytics automatically reads license plate information from vehicles, linking it to live and recorded video.

Integrates other brands

Avigilon LPR analytics automatically reads license plate information from vehicles, linking individual plates with live and recorded video. This enables security operators to search and instantly find specific captured license plate video for verification.

The LPR analytics, is available in Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 6 software, captures, recognizes, and searches license plates with high accuracy.

LPR data privacy protection features enable you to restrict LPR data access and set automatic LPR data retention time and deletion rules.

Your LPR system can also be connected to the RemoteGUARD video monitoring network.



Avigilon's Thermal Imaging integrates advanced AI Analytics delivering the most accurate outdoor monitoring solution.o.

Integrated Thermal Analytics

The Avigilon H4 Thermal camera integrates thermographic imaging with the Self Learning Analytics to provide a cost effective, highly accurate outdoor monitoring solution that will monitor and detect movement very large areas.

The onboard analytics can be trained to ignore irrelevant "objects" such as animals, while alarming on people and vehicles. Movement can be accurately detected beyond 70m from the device even through heavy fog, rain or smoke.

The thermal technology connects directly with the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software and also the RemoteGUARD video monitoring network.


Video Monitoring

The Avigilon technology integrates seamlessly with the RemoteGUARD video monitoring network.

Verified Emergency Response

Add 24/7 video monitoring services to your Avigilon system installations by connecting your cameras to the RemoteGUARD network.

The RemoteGUARD network is a patented solution that provides monitoring centres with instant visual verification of “who” or “what” has caused the alarm event so the operator can make an informed decision as to whether or not a police emergency response is required, (see video monitoring vs. video verification)

Cameras equipped with Avigilon's Self Learning Analytics are perfectly suited to RemoteGUARD because of its inherent ability to detect of movement of humans and vehicles outdoors.


Suretek is an authorised Avigilon distributor in Australia for the following products.


H4 Mini Dome

Indoor dome, tiny form factor, ideal for discrete surveillance. Modular design allows for fast install. Also includes Unusual Motion Detection analytics

H4 Thermal

Detects heat radiation so can accurately monitor movement over distances in all lighting and environmental conditions. Includes Self Learning Analytics.

H4 Video Intercom

Hemispheric door access station with 2-way audio/video intercom , day/night IR, vandal resistant and completely weather resistant for Outdoors.

H4 SL Cameras

These entry cameras are available for Indoor and Outdoor installation. Also includes Unusual Motion Detection analytics.

H4 Multisensor

Featuring 3 or 4 individually configurable camera sensors that can be re-positioned for super wide view. With Self Learning analytics.


With 360˚ continuous panning and responsive tilt. Available in 1 MP (with 45x) and 2 MP (with 30x) camera resolutions, and 250m IR range.

H4 HD Cameras

This line of cameras are available for Indoor / Outdoor, and include Self Learning Analytics and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD).

H4 Fisheye

Captures a 360˚ hemispheric field of view. Designed to be ceiling mounted indoor or outdoors. Available in 6 and 12 megapixel (MP) resolutions

NVRs and Workstations

Avigilon provide an extensive range of hardware solutions for managing, recording and viewing video. Onsite warranties apply or

H4 ES Cameras

Indoor / Outdoor cameras with decentralized NVR technology, including ACC™ management software, SSD, Self Learning Analytics and UMD

HD Pro

H4 HD Pro cameras cover vast areas in large detail, making them ideal for stadiums, ports, and critical infrastructure. 8MP to 30MP resolutions models.

Avigilon Control Centre

Advanced video management software that allows you to integrate differing devices and brands. Available as Core, Standard and Enterprise.