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Asustor are the perfect partner for Mobotix system video storage.

lab tested

Mobotix put Asustor through its paces in a lab stress test and found the basic 4-bay NAS was able to uphold continuous recording from 21 cameras and viewing 6MP streams. The Asustor NAS passed Mobotix test with flying colours.

Asustor is now being used for storing video from Mobotix systems in installations all over the globe.

When populated with Surveillance or Enterprise-class 6Gb/s drives this range of NAS is the perfect match for your MOBOTIX installations.


Asustor NAS provide a suite of tools for easy management and self diagnosis.

Automated tools

The Asustor software performs general checkups on all of your settings. If any settings are compromising data security, you will be provided with the appropriate set of instructions to fix the vulnerability issue.

When system resource use is maximized, executing system updates may affect system operation efficiency, so you can setup scheduling for firmware version checks and updates during appropriate times in order to avoid high system loading. If enabled, the NAS will check for software version compatibility and then proceed to automatically update Apps. Updates can also be scheduled for times when the system resource requirements are low.


Allows you to upgrade to a newer NAS and migrate the HDDs.

Full data migration

ASUSTOR’s built-in system migration mechanism allows you to quickly upgrade from your current NAS model to a newer one by moving your original hard disks to a new NAS system.

This function is also extremely useful in the unfortunate event of a system malfunction or failure.

You only need to move your hard disks from one system to another without need for transferring data or re-installing the entire system.


Backup Plan software for Windows provides you with worry-free backup.

Realtime synchronization

Simply schedule a regular backup job of your PC to your NAS, then let Backup Plan take care of the rest.

Backup Plan will work in the background to ensure that your PC is always backed up.

Any data that is lost between scheduled backups is unprotected. Backup Plan lets you configure real time file synchronization for those important and ever-changing file folders.

Any changes that you make to your protected files and folder will be updated in real time.


Suretek is an authorised distributor in Australia for the entire range of Asustor NAS.

AS1002T v2

2-bay NAS
Supports up to 8 Mobotix cameras


4-bay NAS
Supports up to 36 Mobotix cameras


10-bay NAS
Supports up to 120 Mobotix cameras

AS3102T v2

2-bay NAS
Supports up to 12 Mobotix cameras


4-bay NAS
Supports up to 40 Mobotix cameras




12-bay NAS
Supports up to 180 Mobotix cameras (240 cameras with optional 10GBe card)


2-bay NAS
Supports up to 16 Mobotix cameras


4-bay NAS
Supports up to 50 Mobotix cameras


4-bay Storage expander.
Adds an additional 48TB storage to your QNAP NAS. Maximum 3 can be connected to each NAS.

AS1004T v2

4-bay NAS
Supports up to 20 Mobotix cameras



4-bay NAS Rack
Supports up to 60 Mobotix cameras

Recommended Hard Drives
2 - 4 bay NAS: use only Surveillance-class SATAIII 6Gb/s HDDs
8 - 12 bay NAS: use only Enterprise-class SATAIII 6Gb/s HDDs