Introducing Raytec’s most powerful IP illuminators

Raytec has launched its most powerful compact sized IP illuminators to date.  These new small form factor devices offer an impressive long range lighting distance of 500m (infra red) and 250m (white light).

The new range offers remote IP management, IP camera alarm integration and more.


The web interface within the IP illuminators allows you to remotely adjust and control the light program settings using a remote PC. Groups of Raytec devices can be managed simultaneously. This time saving feature reduces onsite visits and labour costs.


The VARIO2 IP illuminators can be integrated with IP cameras which can turn on/off the lights based on specific event types. Raytec also provides an API for integrating your illuminators into other software platforms such as VMS, BMS and Access Control Systems.


All Raytec illuminators are provided with an industry leading 5 year warranty and have an expected useful life in excess of 10 years.


These two new illuminators are shipping now and available for order from Suretek. Login into the Suretek web shop to obtain instant pricing and stock availability on the entire range of Raytec illuminators, (if you don’t have a web shop login go here).


VAR2-IP-i16-1 (infra red) datasheet 

VAR2-IP-w16-1 (white light) datasheet