Advanced video monitoring

RemoteGUARD is included within CAMS 9

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Virtual Patrols

Low cost, effective replacement to physical guards.

Cost effective, more efficient

Saves you thousands on the cost of physical guards and provides operators with instant visual access to key areas that are often off limits to guards. Includes the following services:

Alarm Response Patrols
Instant visual verification of alarm events. No delay for guards to arrive.

Scheduled Patrols
Virtual Patrols can be scheduled for priority areas and cameras.

Walk Through Patrols
Scheduled virtual walk-through patrol of a sequence of camera views.

Virtual Escort

Protect your staff, visitors and contractors moving from one place to the next.

escorting people

The RemoteGUARD operators can use onsite cameras to check and see if the path ahead is clear for onsite personnel or vehicles on the move.

Risk Preventation
Operators can escort people through potential high risk areas such as carparks at night.

Instant Communication
During the escort operators can talk to onsite personnel via camera speakers or mobile phone.

System Monitoring

Instant notification of any type of system or device failure.

Failed camera and system reporting

RemoteGUARD maintains the integrity of a surveillance system by checking the cameras, recording equipment and network at regular intervals, ensuring everything is still operational and the communication path is available.

If a system or connection error occurs this is immediately reported onscreen to the operator who then notifies the installer. RemoteGUARD 2.0 also constantly monitors the availability of the network connection.

Because a “failed camera” is only one of many things that can affect a surveillance system, we’ve made sure a range of system errors can be reported onscreen. That way the operator is immediately made aware of what’s wrong and make arrangements to get the system up and running.

Recurring Revenue

Earn ongoing revenue on your RemoteGUARD cameras.

monthly payments

RemoteGUARD’s integrated billing module makes absolutely sure you get paid for all the video monitoring services your customers use.

Ask the monitoring center to enter your preferred video monitoring rates into RemoteGUARD so it can automatically track operator time, data and all the virtual patrolling services your customer uses.

The fully audited billing system provides installers with detailed reporting on operator time, data usage and virtual patrolling services.

This makes it easier for creating your own invoicing to pass on to your customer at the end of each month.

Video Monitoring

Faster and more secure than other visual verification solutions