The latest CAMS software updates

VersionRevisionsRelease DateRelease Note
9.2.0716/03/2022Improved automatic report delivery performance
9.2.0716/03/2022Separated the processing of restore events from the alarm event processing to improve performance
9.2.0716/03/2022Separated the SMS notifications from the alarm event processing to improve performance
9.2.0716/03/2022Added POLL message and user-configurable timing definitions with fail and restore monitoring option to reduce the amount of heartbeat noise in the history view
9.2.0716/03/2022Added Email Notification module to allow alarm and restore notifications to be emailed to Asset or Bureau recipients with EventType filtering
9.2.0716/03/2022Added Mobotix, Tiandy and TVT API access to iView
9.2.0716/03/2022Map Ref changed to allow Longitude, Latitude coordinates to be used and display on google maps from Cams Client
9.1.806119/02/2021Fixed max date issue with Performance reporting
9.1.806119/02/2021Fixed issue where CLOSE signal is received at the LTC Check Threshold resulting in mis-reporting of LTC condition
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Status section to Alarm action windows to show Online/Offline, Suspended, OnTest/OffTest and Open/Closed states
9.1.806119/02/2021Extended the Operator name field to allow for CAMSLink username prefixes
9.1.806119/02/2021Added functionality to allow column re-order for all alarm and service action windows
9.1.806119/02/2021Improved the column sorting for the Pending Service Events window
9.1.806119/02/2021Added JobNo column to Pending Service Events window
9.1.806119/02/2021Allow editing the Service Request message while state is CREATED/ONHOLD (i.e. prior to DISPATCH state)
9.1.806119/02/2021Added an ONHOLD state for Technical Service events for newly created requests (only applies to CREATED state)
9.1.806119/02/2021Improved the Service Request Manager form in CAMS Client and CAMS Administrator
9.1.806119/02/2021Allow changing of Company Name for report header purposes
9.1.806119/02/2021Added CallerID and Originating Receiver number and name in CAMS Receiver Traffic Monitor
9.1.806119/02/2021Added option to encrypt the database password prior to storing in configuration text file
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Email communications driver option to CAMS Receiver
9.1.806119/02/2021Added DC09 communications driver option to CAMS Receiver with support for encryption
9.1.806119/02/2021Added management (edit/delete) for Follow Up queue
9.1.806119/02/2021Added new Follow Up function with custom response plan, accessible from either the CAMS Client Asset details page or the Alarm Action page
9.1.806119/02/2021Display the Installer Code on operator workstations rather than masking with *
9.1.806119/02/2021Added option to export to XLS from Query window
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to display Service Event details directly from Alarm History form
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to auto-dial and send SMS from Global Contact List including logging to Client History
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to send SMS directly from Service Request processing form
9.1.806119/02/2021Added advanced options to search asset form (including search by AssetNo, Name, ExtraName, Address, City, State, Postcode, Region, Bureau, Account, Site Phone, Site Email, Voice Code, Client Type, Contact Name/PhoneNo, KeyID, PatrolID, Videofied SerialNo, CommsDevice Type/SerialNo, Alarm Panel Model/Phone, RemoteGUARD IP/SerialNo)
9.1.806119/02/2021Added option to Extend Open Time (similar to Extend Close Time) function for Late To Open event processing
9.1.806119/02/2021Added 15 minute selection for Schedule Close Time extension
9.1.806119/02/2021Added search by Serviceable areas when selecting a Static Guard Provider
9.1.806119/02/2021Added search by Serviceable areas when selecting a Technical Service Provider
9.1.806119/02/2021Allow Asset Ontest from Service Request page
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Multicom Live access from Service Request page
9.1.806119/02/2021Allow SMS from Service Request page (including Technical Services and Patrol Services)
9.1.806119/02/2021Service Request tracking added to operator history (JOB CREATED, JOB EDITED, JOB FINALISED)
9.1.806119/02/2021Added hot key [F6] to access Global Phone List from CAMS Client
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Reports, Guards, History to CAMS Client main toolbar
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Installer PIN, Comms Device, Comms Device SerialNo, Power Location and Panel Location to Service Request report
9.1.806119/02/2021Added option to include zone list for on-demand service request reports
9.1.806119/02/2021Changed Pager send criteria to exclude ON TEST Asset and Zone alarms
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Deadman Monitoring via SG4 Gateway. Requires Gateway Comms Service to be running and Suretek Data Centre needs to be informed of contact details and response plans. All logged in CAMS Client users are monitored locally and inactivity as a group is reported to Suretek data Centre to take appropriate action
9.1.806119/02/2021Normalised the Notes screen in CAMS Admin to match that when displayed in CAMS Client to ensure formatting is as expected.
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to override the SMS template on a per site basis.
9.1.806119/02/2021Added 3 ExtraName columns to Assets definition for internal Monitoring Centre use; allowing site/area identification or classification without compromising the Site Name.
9.1.806119/02/2021Added License option to directly access URLs that are passed with alarm as extended text
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Event Rules option to copy/update Asset function
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to (for example) disregard a BYPASS on a specific zone using the new Event Type Rules format.
9.1.806119/02/2021Changed CAMS Admin Asset Details to show upper level Event Type rules with ability to perform customisation based on existing upper level rule definition.
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to customise CVO SMS Template per Asset per Event Type
9.1.806119/02/2021Added option to remap Event Type on a per site level
9.1.806119/02/2021Separated Event Type Rules from Response Plans, allowing customisation at global level, bureau level, site level, area level and zone level.
9.1.806119/02/2021Added days of week to set schedule rather than having to set each day individually where the times are the same for those days
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Serviceable Areas to Static Guard Providers setup page
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Serviceable Areas to Technical Service Providers setup page
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Panel Location and Power Location to Service Request report
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Panel Location and Power Location to Installation/Equipment page
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Data protection for Asset, Contacts, Zones and Response Plans/Event Rules) for copy/update function. If protected, user is prompted before overriding the lock.
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Unit Cost/Sale Price to Service Parts List
9.1.806119/02/2021Added reference documents to Alarm Panel details page
9.1.806119/02/2021Added Images to Alarm Panel details page
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to Change IP Address for all cameras at one site using a global update option from the RemoteGUARD Edit menu in CAMS Admin
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to Change IP Address for RemoteGUARD cameras without the need to delete and re-register from the RemoteGUARD tab on the Edit Asset page
9.1.806119/02/2021Added ability to set site ontest/offtest from CAMS Admin
9.1.806119/02/2021Added function to Export Contact Details to text file from the Contact Details page in CAMS Admin
9.1.806119/02/2021Added function to Export Asset List in Bureau Accounts page in CAMS Admin
9.1.6022/05/2020Added auto lookup to Alarm Action screens to perform backward lookup of Service Provider settings where not set for any particular sub area
9.1.6022/05/2020Added option to propagate Service Provider settings to sub areas
9.1.6022/05/2020Added "drag and drop" sorting options to Global Contact List
9.1.6022/05/2020Added graphical schedule settings display
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Suspended, Online and Offline filter to Asset listing reports
9.1.6022/05/2020Added API options for Hikvision and Dahua NVRs in iView
9.1.6022/05/2020Added ability to sort the pending services
9.1.6022/05/2020Added ability to sort Restore Tracker form
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Unrestored Zone check when setting site/area OFF TEST
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Unrestored Zone list to Alarm Action screen
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Restore Tracker option to Alarm Action screen
9.1.6022/05/2020Changed Archive database to use AUTO_CLOSE option to OFF
9.1.6022/05/2020Change Alarm action to prevent Events that required phone call to be made from being placed OnHold
9.1.6022/05/2020Changed Frontel Alarm Processing to use parameter 7 for the zone (previously parameter 8)
9.1.6022/05/2020Added option to enable/disable auto-refresh on Restore Tracker form
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Comms Device (Type and serial number) to search options
9.1.6022/05/2020Added API options for Hikvision and Dahua NVRs in iView
9.1.6022/05/2020Added integration to support the Bosch Cloud camera system
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Bureau specific auto-dialler prefix for outside line selection.
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Restore Tracker option when finalising alarms (that have not yet restored; and have a restore definition) to generate unrestored alarm event after user- defined time period. Enabled per workstation under Alarm Event Settings.
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Formatted String options to predefined alarm actioning quick responses.
9.1.6022/05/2020Changed background colour of General Notes
9.1.6022/05/2020Changed archiving function to exclude pending alarms
9.1.6022/05/2020History shows operator name for Manually generated events
9.1.6022/05/2020Added search patterns to History including (AssetNo, AssetName, EventTypes, EventMessage, CallerID, ZoneNo List, ReceiverNo, Date/Time range, and Operator)
9.1.6022/05/2020Changed iView to use WebEye engine
9.1.6022/05/2020Fixed problems with Avigilon event retrieval
9.1.6022/05/2020Added StartTLS option to Email Server options to cater for issues with email servers
9.1.6022/05/2020Changed Operator actions to use database time rather than server/workstation synced times.
9.1.6022/05/2020Added multi alarm processor to Cams Receiver with Priority Level alarm processing (pre-release version)
9.1.6022/05/2020Added option to copy LogicalIDs where registering Avigilon RemoteGUARD cameras.
9.1.6022/05/2020Changed iView to display Multiview window by default. Click onto each camera to increase size.
9.1.6022/05/2020Added ability to force alarm to restore from alarm action window
9.1.6022/05/2020Added manual event insertion from Cams Client
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Multicom Caller ID. Requires coordination with SG4 System to enable this option.
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Multicom control to alarm action window for Installation Comms Device settings where Device Type is set to Multicom (requires Cams Gateway Services)
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Cancel Restore option allowing events to be displayed and automatically cleared upon open/restore event, where previously they were suppressed from the operator view until preset time had elapsed.
9.1.6022/05/2020Mass Email option for Site detail update/confirmation requests per Bureau
9.1.6022/05/2020Display Service Request details from History view
9.1.6022/05/2020History now shows Receiver numbers, First Access and Finalise details
9.1.6022/05/2020Added ability to edit Asset details from Cams Client (for administrator users)
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Service Parts list
9.1.6022/05/2020Added user-defined variable options to Query Form
9.1.6022/05/2020Added Email to search options
9.1.40409/2/2018Added Reports option to Client Toolbar
9.1.40409/2/2018Added History option to Client Toolbar
9.1.40409/2/2018Changed Asset Details report to include Comms Device details and Contracted Responses per EventType
9.1.40409/2/2018Actioning of RemoteGUARD events automatically display the 'most-likely' view relative to the alarm condition based on Camera Event, Virtual Patrol, and Follow Zone allowing operator predictability.
9.1.40409/2/2018Added Bureau specific dialling prefix to allow auto-dialling the ability to present preconfigured caller ID
9.1.40409/2/2018Added JobType option to Service Events
9.1.40409/2/2018Added JobType option to Patrol Events
9.1.40409/2/2018Added ClientCode Range to Receiver Mapping configuration allowing specific Client Codes to map to specific AssetNo prefixes
9.1.40409/2/2018Added CVO to Global Asset Contacts
9.1.40409/2/2018Added Global History with [F5] quick access
9.1.40409/2/2018Added search patterns to History including (AssetNo, AssetName, EventTypes, EventMessage, CallerID, ZoneNo List, ReceiverNo, Date/Time range)
9.1.40409/2/2018Added DOB and age to contact details in Cams Client
9.1.40409/2/2018Added Unrestored alarms list to Cams Client with double-click for drill-down
9.1.40409/2/2018Added Global Phone List with [F6] quick access
9.1.40409/2/2018Fixed Response Plan Auto-Finalise setup bug
9.1.40409/2/2018Added list to show all temp notes per asset
9.1.40409/2/2018Added print Asset List from Bureau/Accounts form
9.1.40409/2/2018Added KeyID to Asset search criteria
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed issue with report schedule refresh option where report changes were being incorrectly reported.
9.1.30302/1/2018Changed the format of the LastReportTime and the NextReportTime display fields to be consistent
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed report export issue where double dots (e.g. 'report..pdf') were used in the export filename
9.1.30302/1/2018Added Bureau and Asset Names to Email Subject for automatic reports
9.1.30302/1/2018Added Traffic Alerts to SMS Auto messaging
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed issue with Open Close Schedule timer checks where incorrect schedule type was being used under some circumstances (Normal, Temporary, Holiday, Extend)
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed issue with OnHold Events not immediately appearing on Events Pending screen when OnHold time expired.
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed issue with Alert Not Restored Events not immediately appearing on Events Pending screen when wait for restore time expired.
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed issue with Supressed Events not immediately appearing on Events Pending screen when suppression time expired.
9.1.30302/1/2018Added option to allow auto-finalisation of LTC events without having to set an extension time to the scheduled close time.
9.1.30302/1/2018Removed auto-finalisation function for events with the "must phone" property set
9.1.30302/1/2018Added import tool for migrating Patriot databases into Cams9
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed DSN issue in Database setup options
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed EventType properties issue where Restore Sound File not being used
9.1.30302/1/2018CSVIP - added EventType rule processing
9.1.30302/1/2018CSVIP - improved monitoring of Poll Fail conditions
9.1.30302/1/2018CSVIP - allow port selection up to 64K; previously 32K
9.1.30302/1/2018Added monitoring/processing of TEST1 and TEST2 eventtypes to IRFast events
9.1.30302/1/2018Added Zone Rule processing to IRFast events
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed IRFast issue where Restore events were not being recognised
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed IRFast issue where zone info was missing when processing Review Text
9.1.30302/1/2018Receiver - Added extra baud rate selection options
9.1.30302/1/2018Receiver - Added SafeTCard option (only available to select control room)
9.1.30302/1/2018Receiver - added patch for MLR2 IP Address reporting to conform to SIA Block standards
9.1.30302/1/2018Receiver - Improved monitoring and reporting of dead connections and auto recovery steps
9.1.30302/1/2018Receiver - Fixed issue where multiple packets in single message resulted in leading packets being discarded
9.1.30302/1/2018Separated Phone Dialler into TAPI Driver and Dialler Commands to allow TAPI driver to remain running to cater for cases where initialisation time is excessive prior to first
9.1.30302/1/2018Added option to update all areas when changing Temp Schedules from Cams Client
9.1.30302/1/2018RemoteGUARD - Added 2 days and 1 day to registration expiration warning events
9.1.30302/1/2018RemoteGUARD - Added predefined layout options to Multiview setup and automatic camera association within
9.1.30302/1/2018RemoteGUARD - Added support for automatically de-registering deleted cameras from the RG Registration server
9.1.30302/1/2018RemoteGUARD FollowZone - display correct Zone and cameras when actioning sub-area events
9.1.30302/1/2018RemoteGUARD Alarm Action - corrected issue where patrol complete flag was not being set in case where multiple patrols were queued
9.1.30302/1/2018RemoteGUARD Alarm Action - when multiple virtual patrols are queued, the selected one will be performed.
9.1.30302/1/2018Removed Deadman Monitoring. New version will be released soon.
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed issue in SMS conversation display where multi-line messages being displayed on a single line
9.1.30302/1/2018Fixed ZoneID issue where zone details not displaying correctly on the Ontest setup and display forms.
9.1.30302/1/2018Added Bureau and Client Type filtering options to No Signals Received window
9.1.30302/1/2018Added Zone Details tab to Service Event Action
9.1.30302/1/2018Added ETA to Service Event List
9.1.30302/1/2018Improved Sound Alerts including replaying of unactioned events (excluding events onhold)
9.1.30302/1/2018Added Avigilon cameras to RemoteGUARD
9.1.19195/3/2017Added date/time formatting options to History view
9.1.19195/3/2017Fixed Frontel Event bug where wrong ZoneNo was being used
9.1.19195/3/2017Added colour coding to Zone AutoLog settings in Cams Administrator
9.1.19195/3/2017Added option to suspend single zones to block processing and history recording
9.1.19195/3/2017Added extra information to Installation tab on alarm action forms in Cams Client
9.1.19195/3/2017Improved Response Plan data entry for Bureau and Asset settings. Overriding the default settings requires mouse-click to first turn off the "Use Default" option
9.1.19195/3/2017Added option to auto-finalise alarms (always or only id SMS is sent) as an automatic Response Plan per Event Type as a Global setting with Bureau and Asset level overrides, with pre-defined schedule extension for Late to Close events.
9.1.19195/3/2017Added option to create service request as an automatic Response Plan per Event Type as a Global setting with Bureau and Asset level overrides
9.1.19195/3/2017Added CallerID recording for FE900 and Surgard Receivers
9.1.19195/3/2017Added Receiver No, Receiver Name and Caller ID to Alarm Event History view
9.1.19195/3/2017Fixed Pager Test message frequency issue
9.1.19195/3/2017Fixed status bar Pager Count not updating issue
9.1.19195/3/2017Added access to Pager message sending from Asset Details form in Cams Client
9.1.19195/3/2017Fixed History event detail issue where changed AssetNo records would not display
9.1.19195/3/2017Fixed issue where AssetNo changes did not display service event details
9.1.19195/3/2017Changed Operator Audit Log to allow better data spanning across multiple archived databases.
9.1.19195/3/2017Added visual map for Bureau AssetNo reservations which shows Used, Reserved and Available AssetNo per Receiver No prefix.
9.1.19195/3/2017Added validation checks for contact not available times
9.1.19195/3/2017Added alarm message pattern matching for OnTest settings
9.1.19195/3/2017LTC events that are on hold or have patrol dispatched will generate a GENERAL alarm to indicate the 'Now Closed' condition
9.1.19195/3/2017Added Comms device to Asset add/copy function under Installation/Equipment template option
9.1.19195/3/2017Fixed issue with LF received as part of IRFast transmission
9.1.19195/3/2017Fixed supressed event to alarm event issue
9.1.19195/3/2017IRFast Support for Integriti Panels
9.1.19195/3/2017Added option to auto-clear temp schedule on Close event (used for operator extend schedule to next close, etc. actions)
9.1.19195/3/2017Added option to include/exclude sub-areas in Asset search
9.1.16162/13/2017Fixed Report Header issue with report printing
9.1.16162/13/2017Fixed Patrol details display from History form
9.1.16162/13/2017Fixed auto-dialler issue on Patrol Dispatch form
9.1.16162/13/2017Added printing options to NSR window
9.1.16162/13/2017Fixed issue for report printing where cams user name contains only numeric characters
9.1.16162/13/2017Changed auto-report setting for Event History reports to supress sending email where report contains no records
9.1.16162/13/2017Fixed issue with Holiday Group name change
9.1.16162/13/2017Prevent Suspended Assets from being set ontest
9.1.16162/13/2017Added FirstAccessTime stamping for events that have automatic SMS set
9.1.16162/13/2017Fixed videofied mpg playback duration issue
9.1.16162/13/2017Added Time Zone setting to Add/Copy Asset wizard
9.1.131312/19/2016Added option to allow disabling of DeadMan monitoring for Administrator and Account level users
9.1.131312/19/2016Added OldMessageTimeout setting to SMS messages to automatically remove events from Pending SMS window where no reply has been received within the specified timeout period
9.1.131312/19/2016Changed IRFast LineNo calculation to be consistent with other protocols
9.1.131312/19/2016Added Alarm action options (Alarm window, schedule window, Log only) for restore event types
9.1.131312/19/2016Changed RadionicsCommon protocol to remove spaces when deriving eventcode
9.1.131312/19/2016Changed Surgard3FourPlusTwo protocol to use all digits after pos 19 when deriving eventcode
9.1.131312/19/2016Changed SurgardFour protocol to use last 2 digits for eventcode
9.1.131312/19/2016Corrected SIMS2 ZoneCode definitions
9.1.131312/19/2016Added Comms Device section to Asset Installation details including (Device, Polling Plan, Serial No, and Date Online)
9.1.131312/19/2016Added single date option to Reminder Messages
9.1.101011/28/2016Added Postal information to Asset setup
9.1.101011/28/2016Changed OnTest window to be floating in Cams Client
9.1.101011/28/2016Added Reminder Message setup to Cams Client menu option
9.1.101011/28/2016Added Reports to Cams Client menu option
9.1.101011/28/2016Added VoiceCode to contact per Asset (previously global option)
9.1.101011/28/2016Added option for specific Receiver and Line mapping to Asset Prefix
9.1.101011/28/2016Added Deadman Monitoring with options to Create Alarm Event, Send SMSs, Send Emails, Send Pager Messages
9.1.8811/3/2016Added Import Zone Definitions from XLS/CSV files
9.1.8811/3/2016Added Pager send to NOSIGNAL, FAILTEST1 and FAILTEST2 timer checks
9.1.8811/3/2016Added file copy-to-clipboard option for RG Event clips, allowing easy pasting into email, etc.
9.1.8811/3/2016Added option to reserve multiple Asset ranges per bureau (reservation not enforced; just recommended)
9.1.8811/3/2016Added Pager Recipient settings to Patrol Service Provider setup (as per Cams6)
9.1.8811/3/2016Fixed Pager issue in Patrol messaging option
9.1.8811/3/2016Added popup tooltip to display alarm details in History view
9.1.8811/3/2016Change RemoteGUARD Registration expiration alerts to stop reporting after 3 days of registration having expired.
9.1.8811/3/2016Changed RemoteGUARD event handling to ignore events with same video sequence numbers.
9.1.8811/3/2016Added time of day for temporary notes start and end dates.
9.1.8811/3/2016Added time of day for Contact 'Not Available' dates
9.1.8811/3/2016Added configurable alarm action for restore events (e.g. Log to history or display on screen) for Event Type setup and custom Zone Rules setup.
9.1.8811/3/2016Exclude SMS replies (and other system generated comments) as operator notes when enabling the alarm Finalise option
9.1.8811/3/2016Global Phone book that applies to all assets
9.1.8811/3/2016Patrol Company search by site address using match on City/State/Postcode
9.1.8811/3/2016Added sending to pager for events that become active upon completion of temporary suppression (e.g. supress if open event received within xx minutes)
9.1.8811/3/2016Added option to exclude restore events for Pager Recipients
9.1.8811/3/2016Use default template if EventCode not found in the one that is set for the asset
9.1.8811/3/2016History search for message pattern
9.1.558/26/2016Added comms map to show asset and location in google maps
9.1.558/26/2016Moved history and RG forms into separate threads to allow access to contacts page, etc. while viewing RG or History.
9.1.558/26/2016Allow email using mail client and/or CAMS mail
9.1.558/26/2016Intermodule comms (win10 compatible)
9.1.558/26/2016Added IP Panels - CSVIP
9.1.558/26/2016Added iView
9.1.558/26/2016Added "storm feature" (i.e. Temporary Event Rules) with option to exclude individual Assets
9.1.558/26/2016Added Alarm text setting - contact ID extended reporting
9.1.558/26/2016Added Secondary panel model (for add-on devices)
9.1.558/26/2016Added Secondary format template (for add-on devices)
9.1.558/26/2016Added Alert early to close
9.1.558/26/2016Contacts - added copy/paste options for schedule using right mouse button action
9.1.558/26/2016SMS: added contact SMS Event Filter separate from contact Event Filter
9.1.558/26/2016SMS: disable SMS per contact (eg I do not want to receive SMS)
9.1.558/26/2016SMS: bureau do not allow SMS for assets
9.1.558/26/2016SMS: added auto on hold
9.1.558/26/2016Added licensing option for concurrent users
9.1.558/26/2016Commdriver buffer moved from file system to database
9.0.669/10/2015General Improvements
9.0.0010/16/2013Initial Release