The latest CAMS software updates

VersionRevisionsRelease DateNotes
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Email to search options
9.1.606022/05/2020Added user-defined variable options to Query Form
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Service Parts list
9.1.606022/05/2020Added ability to edit Asset details from Cams Client (for administrator users)
9.1.606022/05/2020History now shows Receiver numbers, First Access and Finalise details
9.1.606022/05/2020Display Service Request details from History view
9.1.606022/05/2020Mass Email option for Site detail update/confirmation requests per Bureau
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Cancel Restore option allowing events to be displayed and automatically cleared upon open/restore event, where previously they were suppressed from the operator view until preset time had elapsed.
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Multicom control to alarm action window for Installation Comms Device settings where Device Type is set to Multicom (requires Cams Gateway Services)
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Multicom Caller ID. Requires coordination with SG4 System to enable this option.
9.1.606022/05/2020Added manual event insertion from Cams Client
9.1.606022/05/2020Added ability to force alarm to restore from alarm action window
9.1.606022/05/2020Changed iView to use WebEye engine
9.1.606022/05/2020Changed iView to display Multiview window by default. Click onto each camera to increase size.
9.1.606022/05/2020Fixed problems with Avigilon event retrieval
9.1.606022/05/2020Added option to copy LogicalIDs where registering Avigilon RemoteGUARD cameras.
9.1.606022/05/2020Added multi alarm processor to Cams Receiver with Priority Level alarm processing (pre-release version)
9.1.606022/05/2020Changed Operator actions to use database time rather than server/workstation synced times.
9.1.606022/05/2020Added StartTLS option to Email Server options to cater for issues with email servers.
9.1.606022/05/2020Added search patterns to History including (AssetNo, AssetName, EventTypes, EventMessage, CallerID, ZoneNo List, ReceiverNo, Date/Time range, and Operator)
9.1.606022/05/2020History shows operator name for Manually generated events
9.1.606022/05/2020Changed archiving function to exclude pending alarms
9.1.606022/05/2020Changed background colour of General Notes
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Formatted String options to predefined alarm actioning quick responses.
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Restore Tracker option when finalising alarms (that have not yet restored; and have a restore definition) to generate unrestored alarm event after user-defined time period. Enabled per workstation under Alarm Event Settings.
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Bureau specific auto-dialler prefix for outside line selection.
9.1.606022/05/2020Added integration to support the Bosch Cloud camera system
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Comms Device (Type and serial number) to search options
9.1.606022/05/2020Added option to enable/disable auto-refresh on Restore Tracker form
9.1.606022/05/2020Added ability to sort Restore Tracker form
9.1.606022/05/2020Added ability to sort the pending services
9.1.606022/05/2020Changed Frontel Alarm Processing to use parameter 7 for the zone (previously parameter 8)
9.1.606022/05/2020Change Alarm action to prevent Events that required phone call to be made from being placed OnHold
9.1.606022/05/2020Changed Archive database to use AUTO_CLOSE option to OFF
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Restore Tracker option to Alarm Action screen
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Unrestored Zone list to Alarm Action screen
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Unrestored Zone check when setting site/area OFF TEST
9.1.606022/05/2020Added API options for Hikvision and Dahua NVRs in iView
9.1.606022/05/2020Added Suspended, Online and Offline filter to Asset listing reports
9.1.606022/05/2020Added graphical schedule settings display
9.1.606022/05/2020Added "drag and drop" sorting options to Global Contact List
9.1.606022/05/2020Added option to propagate Service Provider settings to sub areas
9.1.606022/05/2020Added auto lookup to Alarm Action screens to perform backward lookup of Service Provider settings where not set for any particular sub area
9.1.404002/09/2018Added Reports option to Client Toolbar
9.1.404002/09/2018Added History option to Client Toolbar
9.1.404002/09/2018Changed Asset Details report to include Comms Device details and Contracted Responses per EventType
9.1.404002/09/2018Actioning of RemoteGUARD events automatically display the ‘most-likely’ view relative to the alarm condition based on Camera Event, Virtual Patrol, and Follow Zone allowing operator predictability.
9.1.404002/09/2018Added Bureau specific dialling prefix to allow auto-dialling the ability to present preconfigured caller ID
9.1.404002/09/2018Added JobType option to Service Events
9.1.404002/09/2018Added JobType option to Patrol Events
9.1.404002/09/2018Added ClientCode Range to Receiver Mapping configuration allowing specific Client Codes to map to specific AssetNo prefixes
9.1.404002/09/2018Added CVO to Global Asset Contacts
9.1.404002/09/2018Added Global History with [F5] quick access
9.1.404002/09/2018Added search patterns to History including (AssetNo, AssetName, EventTypes, EventMessage, CallerID, ZoneNo List, ReceiverNo, Date/Time range)
9.1.404002/09/2018Added DOB and age to contact details in Cams Client
9.1.404002/09/2018Added Unrestored alarms list to Cams Client with double-click for drill-down
9.1.404002/09/2018Added Global Phone List with [F6] quick access
9.1.404002/09/2018Fixed Response Plan Auto-Finalise setup bug
9.1.404002/09/2018Added list to show all temp notes per asset
9.1.404002/09/2018Added print Asset List from Bureau/Accounts form
9.1.404002/09/2018Added KeyID to Asset search criteria
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed issue with report schedule refresh option where report changes were being incorrectly reported.
9.1.303001/02/2018Changed the format of the LastReportTime and the NextReportTime display fields to be consistent
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed report export issue where double dots (e.g. ‘report..pdf’) were used in the export filename
9.1.303001/02/2018Added Bureau and Asset Names to Email Subject for automatic reports
9.1.303001/02/2018Added Traffic Alerts to SMS Auto messaging
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed issue with Open Close Schedule timer checks where incorrect schedule type was being used under some circumstances (Normal, Temporary, Holiday, Extend)
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed issue with OnHold Events not immediately appearing on Events Pending screen when OnHold time expired.
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed issue with Alert Not Restored Events not immediately appearing on Events Pending screen when wait for restore time expired.
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed issue with Supressed Events not immediately appearing on Events Pending screen when suppression time expired.
9.1.303001/02/2018Added option to allow auto-finalisation of LTC events without having to set an extension time to the scheduled close time.
9.1.303001/02/2018Removed auto-finalisation function for events with the "must phone" property set
9.1.303001/02/2018Added import tool for migrating Patriot databases into Cams9
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed DSN issue in Database setup options
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed EventType properties issue where Restore Sound File not being used
9.1.303001/02/2018CSVIP – added EventType rule processing
9.1.303001/02/2018CSVIP – improved monitoring of Poll Fail conditions
9.1.303001/02/2018CSVIP – allow port selection up to 64K; previously 32K
9.1.303001/02/2018Added monitoring/processing of TEST1 and TEST2 eventtypes to IRFast events
9.1.303001/02/2018Added Zone Rule processing to IRFast events
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed IRFast issue where Restore events were not being recognised
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed IRFast issue where zone info was missing when processing Review Text
9.1.303001/02/2018Receiver – Added extra baud rate selection options
9.1.303001/02/2018Receiver – Added SafeTCard option (only available to select control room)
9.1.303001/02/2018Receiver – added patch for MLR2 IP Address reporting to conform to SIA Block standards
9.1.303001/02/2018Receiver – Improved monitoring and reporting of dead connections and auto recovery steps
9.1.303001/02/2018Receiver – Fixed issue where multiple packets in single message resulted in leading packets being discarded
9.1.303001/02/2018Separated Phone Dialler into TAPI Driver and Dialler Commands to allow TAPI driver to remain running to cater for cases where initialisation time is excessive prior to first
9.1.303001/02/2018Added option to update all areas when changing Temp Schedules from Cams Client
9.1.303001/02/2018RemoteGUARD – Added 2 days and 1 day to registration expiration warning events
9.1.303001/02/2018RemoteGUARD – Added predefined layout options to Multiview setup and automatic camera association within
9.1.303001/02/2018RemoteGUARD – Added support for automatically de-registering deleted cameras from the RG Registration server
9.1.303001/02/2018RemoteGUARD FollowZone – display correct Zone and cameras when actioning sub-area events
9.1.303001/02/2018RemoteGUARD Alarm Action – corrected issue where patrol complete flag was not being set in case where multiple patrols were queued
9.1.303001/02/2018RemoteGUARD Alarm Action – when multiple virtual patrols are queued, the selected one will be performed.
9.1.303001/02/2018Removed Deadman Monitoring. New version will be released soon.
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed issue in SMS conversation display where multi-line messages being displayed on a single line
9.1.303001/02/2018Fixed ZoneID issue where zone details not displaying correctly on the Ontest setup and display forms.
9.1.303001/02/2018Added Bureau and Client Type filtering options to No Signals Received window
9.1.303001/02/2018Added Zone Details tab to Service Event Action
9.1.303001/02/2018Added ETA to Service Event List
9.1.303001/02/2018Improved Sound Alerts including replaying of unactioned events (excluding events onhold)
9.1.303001/02/2018Added Avigilon cameras to RemoteGUARD
9.1.191903/05/2017Added date/time formatting options to History view
Release notes
9.1.191903/05/2017Fixed Frontel Event bug where wrong ZoneNo was being used
9.1.191903/05/2017Added colour coding to Zone AutoLog settings in Cams Administrator
9.1.191903/05/2017Added option to suspend single zones to block processing and history recording
9.1.191903/05/2017Added extra information to Installation tab on alarm action forms in Cams Client
9.1.191903/05/2017Improved Response Plan data entry for Bureau and Asset settings. Overriding the default settings requires mouse-click to first turn off the "Use Default" option
9.1.191903/05/2017Added option to auto-finalise alarms (always or only id SMS is sent) as an automatic Response Plan per Event Type as a Global setting with Bureau and Asset level overrides, with pre-defined schedule extension for Late to Close events.
9.1.191903/05/2017Added option to create service request as an automatic Response Plan per Event Type as a Global setting with Bureau and Asset level overrides
9.1.191903/05/2017Added CallerID recording for FE900 and Surgard Receivers
9.1.191903/05/2017Added Receiver No, Receiver Name and Caller ID to Alarm Event History view
9.1.191903/05/2017Fixed Pager Test message frequency issue
9.1.191903/05/2017Fixed status bar Pager Count not updating issue
9.1.191903/05/2017Added access to Pager message sending from Asset Details form in Cams Client
9.1.191903/05/2017Fixed History event detail issue where changed AssetNo records would not display
9.1.191903/05/2017Fixed issue where AssetNo changes did not display service event details
9.1.191903/05/2017Changed Operator Audit Log to allow better data spanning across multiple archived databases.
9.1.191903/05/2017Added visual map for Bureau AssetNo reservations which shows Used, Reserved and Available AssetNo per Receiver No prefix.
9.1.191903/05/2017Added validation checks for contact not available times
9.1.191903/05/2017Added alarm message pattern matching for OnTest settings
9.1.191903/05/2017LTC events that are on hold or have patrol dispatched will generate a GENERAL alarm to indicate the ‘Now Closed’ condition
9.1.191903/05/2017Added Comms device to Asset add/copy function under Installation/Equipment template option
9.1.191903/05/2017Fixed issue with LF received as part of IRFast transmission
9.1.191903/05/2017Fixed supressed event to alarm event issue
9.1.191903/05/2017IRFast Support for Integriti Panels
9.1.191903/05/2017Added option to auto-clear temp schedule on Close event (used for operator extend schedule to next close, etc. actions)
9.1.191903/05/2017Added option to include/exclude sub-areas in Asset search
9.1.161613/02/2017Fixed Report Header issue with report printing.
Release notes
9.1.161613/02/2017Fixed Patrol details display from History form
9.1.161613/02/2017Fixed auto-dialler issue on Patrol Dispatch form
9.1.161613/02/2017Added printing options to NSR window
9.1.161613/02/2017Fixed issue for report printing where cams user name contains only numeric characters
9.1.161613/02/2017Changed auto-report setting for Event History reports to supress sending email where report contains no records
9.1.161613/02/2017Fixed issue with Holiday Group name change
9.1.161613/02/2017Prevent Suspended Assets from being set ontest
9.1.161613/02/2017Added FirstAccessTime stamping for events that have automatic SMS set
9.1.161613/02/2017Fixed videofied mpg playback duration issue
9.1.161613/02/2017Added Time Zone setting to Add/Copy Asset wizard
9.1.131319/12/2016Added option to allow disabling of DeadMan monitoring for Administrator and Account level users
Release notes
9.1.131319/12/2016Added OldMessageTimeout setting to SMS messages to automatically remove events from Pending SMS window where no reply has been received within the specified timeout period
9.1.131319/12/2016Changed IRFast LineNo calculation to be consistent with other protocols
9.1.131319/12/2016Added Alarm action options (Alarm window, schedule window, Log only) for restore event types
9.1.131319/12/2016Changed RadionicsCommon protocol to remove spaces when deriving eventcode
9.1.131319/12/2016Changed Surgard3FourPlusTwo protocol to use all digits after pos 19 when deriving eventcode
9.1.131319/12/2016Changed SurgardFour protocol to use last 2 digits for eventcode
9.1.131319/12/2016Corrected SIMS2 ZoneCode definitions
9.1.131319/12/2016Added Comms Device section to Asset Installation details including (Device, Polling Plan, Serial No, and Date Online)
9.1.131319/12/2016Added single date option to Reminder Messages
9.1.101028/11/2016Added Postal information to Asset setup
9.1.101028/11/2016Changed OnTest window to be floating in Cams Client
9.1.101028/11/2016Added Reminder Message setup to Cams Client menu option
9.1.101028/11/2016Added Reports to Cams Client menu option
9.1.101028/11/2016Added VoiceCode to contact per Asset (previously global option)
9.1.101028/11/2016Added option for specific Receiver and Line mapping to Asset Prefix
9.1.101028/11/2016Added Deadman Monitoring with options to Create Alarm Event, Send SMSs, Send Emails, Send Pager Messages
9.1.8803/11/2016Added Import Zone Definitions from XLS/CSV files
9.1.8803/11/2016Added Pager send to NOSIGNAL, FAILTEST1 and FAILTEST2 timer checks
9.1.8803/11/2016Added file copy-to-clipboard option for RG Event clips, allowing easy pasting into email, etc.
9.1.8803/11/2016Added option to reserve multiple Asset ranges per bureau (reservation not enforced; just recommended)
9.1.8803/11/2016Added Pager Recipient settings to Patrol Service Provider setup (as per Cams6)
9.1.8803/11/2016Fixed Pager issue in Patrol messaging option
9.1.8803/11/2016Added popup tooltip to display alarm details in History view
9.1.8803/11/2016Change RemoteGUARD Registration expiration alerts to stop reporting after 3 days of registration having expired.
9.1.8803/11/2016Changed RemoteGUARD event handling to ignore events with same video sequence numbers.
9.1.8803/11/2016Added time of day for temporary notes start and end dates.
9.1.8803/11/2016Added time of day for Contact ‘Not Available’ dates
9.1.8803/11/2016Added configurable alarm action for restore events (e.g. Log to history or display on screen) for Event Type setup and custom Zone Rules setup.
9.1.8803/11/2016Exclude SMS replies (and other system generated comments) as operator notes when enabling the alarm Finalise option
9.1.8803/11/2016Global Phone book that applies to all assets
9.1.8803/11/2016Patrol Company search by site address using match on City/State/Postcode
9.1.8803/11/2016Added sending to pager for events that become active upon completion of temporary suppression (e.g. supress if open event received within xx minutes)
9.1.8803/11/2016Added option to exclude restore events for Pager Recipients
9.1.8803/11/2016Use default template if EventCode not found in the one that is set for the asset
9.1.8803/11/2016History search for message pattern
9.1.5526/08/2016Added comms map to show asset and location in google maps
9.1.5526/08/2016Moved history and RG forms into separate threads to allow access to contacts page, etc. while viewing RG or History.
9.1.5526/08/2016Allow email using mail client and/or CAMS mail
9.1.5526/08/2016Intermodule comms (win10 compatible)
9.1.5526/08/2016Added IP Panels – CSVIP
9.1.5526/08/2016Added iView
9.1.5526/08/2016Added "storm feature" (i.e. Temporary Event Rules) with option to exclude individual Assets
9.1.5526/08/2016Added Alarm text setting – contact ID extended reporting
9.1.5526/08/2016Added Secondary panel model (for add-on devices)
9.1.5526/08/2016Added Secondary format template (for add-on devices)
9.1.5526/08/2016Added Alert early to close
9.1.5526/08/2016Contacts – added copy/paste options for schedule using right mouse button action
9.1.5526/08/2016SMS: added contact SMS Event Filter separate from contact Event Filter
9.1.5526/08/2016SMS: disable SMS per contact (eg I do not want to receive SMS)
9.1.5526/08/2016SMS: bureau do not allow SMS for assets
9.1.5526/08/2016SMS: added auto on hold
9.1.5526/08/2016Added licensing option for concurrent users
9.1.5526/08/2016Commdriver buffer moved from file system to database
9.0.6610/09/2015General Improvements
9.0.0016/10/2013Initial Release