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Stay in control. Get more value

Keep Your Numbers

When you connect your alarms to our network your 1345/1300 remain portable and always reiman yours.

Keep Your Rebates

Take advantage of our indusstry leading rebate system and maintain your profitability

Get More Value

Connect your alarms with one of our monitoring stations and get guaranteed alarm delivery across our managed network



Central management portal for all your 1345 business.

 You’re always in control

The MySuretek dashboard provides you with an instant snapshot of all your 1345/1300 services. It provides real-time insight into your live call data, rebate history, including rebates and runaway dialler detection.


• Call analysis dashboard     • Rebate archive history

• Runaway dialler alerts       • User Log & Permissions

• Support Ticketing                 • Live Call Data


Retain ownership of your 1345/1300 numbers and enjoy the flexibility of instantaneous portability - 24/7.

keep what's yours

Whenever you connect your alarms through one of our monitoring stations, you always retain full ownership of your 1345/1300 numbers so you can enjoy the flexibility of instantaneous portability.

Need a quick answer point change either permanent or temporary 24/7 and you have it. Surecall One3 is portability plu.

Every Surecall One3 service is free from setup fees and ongoing charges such as annual and monthly service fees and fees for calls from GSM devices. With Surecall One3 you get to keep more in your pocket.


Guaranteed rebates on all your back-to base alarm monitoring services

Stay Profitable

Suretek will pay you a rebate on every event and call that is sent from your client’s alarm panel over the Suretek Network. Suretek has put in place a a very simple system for creating new 1345 services or bringing your existing service to us. For new connections we can usually have you connected the same day.

If you would like to get an idea of exactly how much rebate you will be paid, please call us on 1300 65 44 33.


You can keep your numbers, we will match your existing rebates and we will give you an upgrade to our fully managed network at no cost.

You get more with Suretek

Suretek’s network is the only services that can guarantee to deliver every single alarm event during PSTN outage and congestion. Our fully managed network is carrier grade and includes a patented alarm delivery protocol called Intelipath® which guarantees alarm events are sucessfully delivered to our monitoring centres.

That’s guaranteed alarm delivery even if your PSTN lines go down or your alarm receivers fail. During communications failure Intelipath® automatically redirects alarm transmissions via the dedicated network gateway and ensures they reach our monitoring centre.

GSM redundancy on the other hand is not nearly as reliable with a failure rate averaging between 20 - 30%.

Suretek has direct access to the IN Platform so we can provide you with a specialised and fully managed service that guarantees your lines can be accessed for adds, moves and changes 24/7. This means you don’t have to wait in a queue when things go wrong and you will always receive high quality service for all your security telecommunication needs.