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Sneak Preview: MOBOTIX PoE to HDMI display connector

21 May 2017

With the MxThinClient connected your MX cameras can stream live video directly to a HDMI display – no local PC required. Simply connect an MxThinClient to a PoE switch and HDMI display, and you will get instant video. Display settings can be tweaked via the MxThinClient web client.

MOBOTIX Mx6 Tech Update

10 May 2017

Suretek has Mx6 Single / Dual Lens models in stock! With the recent release of the single lens Mx6 cameras, the entire Mx6 line up is now complete – M16, D16, S16, M26, D26, Q26, S26. All of these new models can be ordered at wholesale pricing from Suretek.

What is a decentralized IP video system?

21 April 2017

What is a decentralized system? IP cameras with built-in VMS functionality create a decentralized system. The VMS-enabled cameras can be setup to utilize zero bandwidth and also record directly to any type of standard storage device – PC, NAS, SD, saving you the cost of having to buy third party VMS or an NVR.

MOBOTIX Certification Training: get one day free! (Sydney)

7 April 2017

MOBOTIX is hosting a 3-day Certification Training event. Attendees who successfully complete the course will receive Certified MOBOTIX Partner (CMP) status. With this special deal you pay for 2-days and get day 3 for free!

SPECIAL DEAL on the new MOBOTIX Mx6 cameras

3 April 2017

The so called Mx6 cameras (i.e. M16, S16, D16) dual lens devices are equipped with a powerful dual-core processor, basic ONVIF compliance firmware for integration with other ONVIF-compliant surveillance systems.