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Features that you'll love

CAMS comes packed with 100’s of features designed to improve your monitoring station operations.

Streamline Your Operations

Reduce operator intervention. Automate processes such as responding to non-critical events, reporting, billing and scheduling.

Do more with less clicks

Action alarms quicker. The user friendly, intuitive GUI is optimised to achieve more with less clicks.


There is no practical limits to the number of clients you can monitor or the amount of operating staff supported.

Rock Solid Performance

Optimized code, built on a solid foundation, delivers unmatched speed & reliability from an alarm monitoring software.


Get a bird's-eye view of your operations. CAMS utilises as many monitors as you can connect to your workstation.


Shipped with Microsoft SQL Express and easily upgradable to full commercial versions for data mirroring and scalability.

More Interactivity

CAMS now connects you to your total business. Brand new interactivity with your clients, bureaus, technicians, patrol officers and latest technologies truly sets CAMS 9 apart.

Interact with your clients

AlarmLINK for CAMS automates communication with your clients via an end user phone app. CAMS can automatically push response requests to your clients for non-critical events and have them finalised or escalated without operator intervention.
*AlarmLINK Service for CAMS available Q1 2016..

Connect to your bureaus

CAMSLink provides your bureaus secure remote access to manage their own customer database with view, edit, add & delete permissions customisable for each user. Support for accounts, contacts, zones, history and service orders with full auditing.

Remote Video

CAMS now features remote video viewing for all major IP camera makes and models - H264, MPEG & MJPEG via RTSP or HTTP protocols. RemoteGUARD remains your premium remote video monitoring solution with event motion detection, virtual patrols, virtual escorts and fully integrated billing platform.

Automated 2-Way SMS

Configure once and automatically send personalised text messages to multiple contacts for any event types (e.g late to close) as well as receive text responses from your contacts. Alerts are displayed to operators for further action after responses are received or configurable timeouts are reached.

Personal Monitoring

The Panic feature built into AlarmLINK and the forthcoming personal safety app allows your clients to generate and send panic alarms with geo-location directly to CAMS. Panic, follow me and man down modes perfect for lone workers and child saftey.

Stay Connected

Connect your Monitoring Centre to the most advanced Data Centre designed specifically to support CAMS clients and their co-location needs. A state of the art facility, supported by leading edge Cisco cloud infrastructure to ensure an always available service.

*Australian monitoring station software installations based on Suretek survey.

CAMS is the operating platform of choice for 153 monitoring centres across Australia, with 324 installs globally - supported 24/7 by our Australian Support Desk Staff.

More than just software

CAMS helps monitoring stations adapt to new technology.

While alarm monitoring software has traditionally been based on monitoring alarm dialer events, the industry is making significant technological advances towards IP networks and products.

In order to support CAMS users, Suretek has developed a secure, end-to-end network specifically for security IP communication. Within this network Monitoring Centres, Security Companies and Consumers can securely and confidently communicate between one another and smart devices, alarm systems, IP cameras or your Co-location site without you needing to invest in additional equipment.

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