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Multicom Alarm Communicators

Our alarm communicators add redundancy to your existing alarm system and alarms delivery over both fixed & wireless transmission technologies.

secure delivery

Multicom delivers your alarms across more paths and our Suretek network guarantees 99.9% of alarms transmissions are delivered.

NBN & VoIP Ready

Our products ensure a smooth transition from PSTN to NBN/VoIP technology keeping your alarm system operating.

Developed in Australia

Multicom alarm communicators are developed and supported in Australia and purposefully designed for Australian telecommunication networks.


From low-risk residential to high-risk commercial, there’s a Multicom solution for every application.


Superior Quality and Intelligence

Multicom Panels - Alarm Monitoring Devices

Every Multicom alarm communicator device is cost effective without compromising quality over affordability. You can be confident that when you choose a Multicom product for your client, you are offering them the best.

Designed and supported in Australia, the devices are reliable and quick to install.

Multicom hardware is C-Tick approved and certified and is developed here in Australia.

Built from the highest quality components the Multicom meets Class 5 of Australian Standard AS2201.5 2008.

Multicom alarm communicators support the free AlarmLINK app for iPhone and Android. The app allows end customers to arm and disarm their alarm system, control lights & gates and send personal panic alarms from anywhere in the world.

Lifetime Warranty


Multicom devices communicate over Australia’s leading private security network, with a proven 99.99% network uptime.

99.99% Guarantee

Multicom Network

Every Multicom alarm communicator connects the customer's alarm system to the Multicom Network.

Multicom's patented secure network is fully managed by a team of network professionals and gives you more security, more reliability and more intelligence than any other alarm delivery network.

The Multicom facilitates this fully encrypted virtual private link for sending transmissions from the customer's panel to the monitoring centre.

Our clustering technology allows the network to interact as a single yet highly available and redundant system with 99.99% uptime, making it highly reliable and highly secure

That's 99.99% guaranteed alarm transmission  delivery - even during major outages.

The Multicom Network has enabled monitoring centres to deliver alarms during floods, black outs, network failure and even when telco lines have been accidentally severed.

No other alarm transmission network in Australia can give you this guarantee.

This is why Multicom provides the most secure alarm transmission, delivering both bulletproof hardware & communication redundancy.

Case Studies


Instant alarm panel connectivity with local or remote setup options.

Easy Setup

Alarm Communicator software and apps

1. Install alarm communicators

Connect a Multicom Alarm Communicator to your customer’s alarm panel.

For remote arm/disarm you simply wire the Multicom to a key-switch input on the alarm panel. You can also do the same for additional devices such as doors, lights and gates.

2. Configure with TechTools

The installer can use the TechTools app (on iTunes or GooglePlay store) or TechTools Website to configure the Multicom device.

Program what each relay is for and the changes you make will be reflected in AlarmLINK. Fill in your customer’s first name, last name and email address to create a login for them.

3. AlarmLINK Setup

The end customer can then download and begin using AlarmLINK by entering their email address and a password to login. They’ll immediately see the Multicom communicator with the installer's branding applied and the relays that have been set up in TechTools.

Setup Guide


AlarmLINK provides the end customer with instant control of their alarm monitoring system.

Alarm Communicator Software

The AlarmLINK app is available for iPhone and Android - at no cost. The app turns any mobile device into an extension of the customer's alarm system.

Connect Multicom Communicators

Connect any Multicom Alarm Communicators via TechTools

Remote Arm & Disarm

One-touch remote alarm system arm/disarm using your mobile device

Personal Panic Alarms

Panic feature offers personal protection. Emergency request and geo-location sent to your monitoring centre.

Control doors, lights and gates

Gain automation control of connected electronic devices.

Complete History

Get full access to archived activity of your alarms, polls, sensors and users.