Empower your customers.  Promote your brand.

Install Multicom devices and provide your customers with a free smartphone app featuring your logo and colours!

Remote Arm & Disarm

Empower your customers with one-touch remote arm and disarm of their existing alarm system.

Personal Panic Alarms

Offer personal protection - panic alarms generated in AlarmLINK are delivered to your monitoring centre with your customer's geo-location.

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Control doors, lights and gates

Wire up additional outputs to the Multicom and you can provide simple automation control.

Complete History

Provide full transparency with alarm, poll and activity history.  Let your customer's discover who uses their alarm & when!

Branding Examples

Give us your logo and your colour scheme and we can adapt the app to match. Your branding will automatically be applied to all Multicom devices you install.

How it Works

Multicom Communicators and AlarmLINK are simple to install, configure and use.

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Install a Multicom

Connect a Multicom Alarm Communicator to your customer's existing alarm panel.

For remote arm/disarm you simply wire the Multicom to a key-switch input on the alarm panel.  You can also do the same for additional devices such as doors, lights and gates.


Multicom Range

Configure with TechTools

Use our free technician app 'Multicom TechTools' to configure the Multicom. Tell TechTools what each relay is for and the changes you make will be reflected in AlarmLINK.  

Fill in your customer's first name, last name and email address to create a login for them.


TechTools on App Store TechTools on Google Play

Login with AlarmLINK

Your customer can then download and begin using AlarmLINK by using their email address and password provided to login.

They'll immediately see the Multicom device with your branding applied and the relays you set up in TechTools.


AlarmLINK on App Store AlarmLINK on Google Play

Feature Tour

Here's a screenshot tour of the user experience your customer has when using AlarmLINK.

Full Feature List

What does AlarmLINK provide your customers?

  • Remote arm/disarm
  • Personal panic alarms with geo-location
  • Control doors, lights & gates
  • Full polling, alarm & activity history
  • Passcode protection on every feature
  • Interactive temperature control*
  • Works with iOS and Android devices
  • Only for Multicom Communicators

Get started.

To get started with AlarmLINK and the Multicom solution, fill out this brief form and we'll contact you with all the necessary info.