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Remote Guard - Secure Remote Video Monitoring


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Flexible. Virtually Invisible Dual-Lens Camera.

With its unique fusion of a modular camera technology and flexible mounting  design, the S15D covers two individual areas simultaneously. Connect and interchange a max. of two sensor modules. Choose between standard or lowlight optical and thermal sensor modules.
The S15D can also be operated with one or two thermal sensor modules. Objects can be
detected in total darkness, smog or smoke thanks to infrared technology.
  • Flexible Installation
    The miniature size means the S15 can fit into tight spaces that standard cameras cannot - ATMs, machinery, inside poles, patrol vehicles. Flexible installation thanks to the video cables.
  • Virtually Invisible
    With a diameter of only 50 mm each S15 sensor module is barely visible. People don't notice them.
  • Thermal-Ready
    You can connect optical and/or thermal sensor modules to the S15. The thermal sensors can detect in total darkness - moving objects, fire and smoke.
  • Image
    6 megapixel resolution • sensor modules available in Standard Optical, LPF and Thermal.
  • Intelligent Motion Analytics
    On-board software motion alogorithm can be configured to ignore redundant motion (e.g. rain, moving trees) and track human or vehicles. See MxActivitySensor↩.
  • Audio Recording
    Each sensor module has a built-in microphone for high quality audio recording.
  • Installation
    Install inside most surface where there is a cavity. For hard surface brick/concrete mounting use the PT Mount.
  • Environment
    Designed for outdoor environments. IP65 rated and can handle extreme temperatures, -30 to +50° C. No additional cooling/heating required.
  • Recording Format
    Video is recorded in MxFFS format to any standard digital storage media - SD, PC (Win/Linux) and NAS.
  • Failover Recording
    The MxFFS Archive Storage↩ function records video to the internal microSD card if connection to the external (PC/NAS) recording device fails.
  • Decentralized System
    Camera can record to any storage media - PC/NAS, Windows/Linux, SD/HDD. No licensed VMS or NVR required. (Decentralized explained↩).
  • Low Power Usage
    Low power consumption - under 5 watts (PoE supply).
  • RemoteGUARD compliant
    The camera's alarm management and advanced motion analysis functions have been integrated into RemoteGUARD, for accurate alarm event notification.
  • Options
    To find out which accessories and mounts are best for your S15 installation please contact us directly, or refer to our MOBOTIX configuration app


  •  S15 Thermal Radiometry: hazard detection

  • S15 Thermal Radiometry: small heat detection


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