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Radionics D6600

Radionics D6600

The D6600 is a 240Volt powered digital alarm receiver with an optional 12Volt backup, 19” rack mountable microprocessor.  This receiver connects to incoming telephone lines at your monitoring centre, which have been set aside specifically for incoming alarm signals.


Your customers' alarm diallers are programmed to call in on these lines and are answered by the D-6600 Receiver.  The D-6600 then negotiates with the customers' dialler to receive information about the customers' location, identity and the nature of the dialler call (intruder, fire alarm, power fail, etc).



At the completion of the call, the D-6600 commands the dialler to hang-up and passes this encoded information to the PC (or PC's) with CAMS or similar software installed.  The CAMS software then decodes the information and displays it to the Central Station Operator via the PC display; the D-6600 could be considered to be a sophisticated digital modem.


  • 2 x RS232 D9 communication ports for connection to the application PC and for system management & programming
  • Compatible with 95% of all reporting formats such as Contact ID, Ademco High Speed and 4+2 formats
  • Very flexible- each line port can be programmed as a virtual receiver, numbering from 1 to 99
  • 240v powered and can be connected to a standard 12v alarm battery for power backup
  • 4RU 19” rack mountable alarm receiver unit
  • Includes one line card as standard
  • Line card can accommodate 4 PSTN lines
  • Line capacity can be easily expanded up to 32 lines
  • Easy programming accessed on the key pad on the front of the unit
  • Parallel printer port for a hard copy of alarm signals
  • One of the highest quality Alarm receivers on the market today
  • Easy to programme
  • Compatibility and flexibility assured
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