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As a standalone receiver the FE-900 packs a powerful punch

It can talk to automation systems via TCP/IP using its built-in Ethernet ports or through its isolated RS232 ports, receive alarms in most communications formats on up to 32 PSTN lines and is ready for future expansion to receive IP-Based Alarms via TCP/IP.

The FE-900 does it all

The FE-900 offers hot-swappable line cards that auto-configure, a non-volatile 30,000 event buffer, Smart call answering, extensive self-diagnostics and very low power consumption.  Line cards come with 8kV isolation and three-stage lightning protection.  Line Cards also feature an advanced DSP engine, which ensures reliable communications under harsh line conditions.  One can also install a redundant processor card.


Management software

These impressive hardware features are complimented by the configuration and management software tool that ships with the FE-900.  The client/server design of the FE-900 software allows operators to configure, monitor and manage receivers remotely from any point of an IP network.  For instance, one can zoom to any Line Card on any FE-900 in their system and interact with it.  From one location or many locations, operators can manage FE-900 receivers that are spread all around the globe.



  • Remote configuring and monitoring of multiple receivers via any IP network
  • Up to 8 Line Cards, supporting a total of up to 32 PSTN lines simultaneously
  • FE900 processes alarms independently of Automation System and FE900 management software
  • Comprehensive management software to configure, monitor and maintain FE900s as well as removable PSTN connector PCBs for easy installation and maintenance
  • Zoom to a live view of any receiver and any card on any FE900 receiver in the network
  • Real-time event log - can be used as a double-check of Automation System as well as a flexible audio capture feature to FE900 software from any line on any FE900 receiver
  • IP-Alarm capable
  • Two isolated RS232 ports per CPU Card
  • Speaks all the main communications formats
  • Colour coded status of all FE900 receivers
  • Optional redundant CPU card
  • Smart call answering
  • Very low power consumption
  • Wide input supply range
  • Extensive self-diagnostic facility
  • Live, fail-safe, versional firmware updates
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