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Surepoll - Leader in Wireless GPRS Security


Imagine a network that gives you the ability to offer a more secure alarm transmission system and at the same time gives you bulletproof hardware & communication redundancy for your monitoring centre.  With Surepoll and the SG2 that system is now a reality.


Sophisticated Network

A sophisticated network

Surepoll has five transmission paths that enable the panel in your customers' premises to communicate with the monitoring centre via the secure and encrypted SG2 receiver.  The SG2 is placed in the monitoring centre, which allows your customers alarm system to report via GPRS, GSM, PSTN, 3G and IP via the sophisticated Surepoll private network.


So simple to use and install

Simply install an SG2 receiver in your monitoring centre, hook your customers alarm panel up to a Surepoll backup panel and presto, you can offer your clients multiple high security transmission options that go way beyond the capabilities of regular PSTN transmission.


Hassle-free polling with PFP

Surepoll offers various polling plans meeting class 3, 4 and 5 of Australian Standard 2201.5:2008.  All polling plans adhere to strict timing criteria, and in the event of a poll fail, Surepoll uses a patented poll fail protocol to determine the cause of the fail and notify the monitoring centre within the timeframe outlined in the Australian Standard.


Proprietary Poll Fail Protocol

PFP is an innovative and patented technology that is only available with Surepoll.  PFP can free up operators, who spend a lot of time quarantining polls, with the unique hand holding technology of GPRS and GSM.

Truly Managed Network

A truly managed network 24/7

Surepoll is a true managed network from end to end.  Trained and licenced security professionals man the Suretek Data Centre Exchange, monitor the network and tend to emergency calls and failures 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your piece of mind.


Your own virtual private link

Surepoll uses a fully encrypted virtual private link to send transmissions from the customer's panel to the monitoring centre.  Surepoll also uses clustering, which allows the network to interact as a single yet highly available and redundant system with 99.99% uptime, making it highly reliable and highly secure.


View and store your events instantly

Surepoll.net is a securely hosted database service available to all Surepoll monitoring centres.  Surepoll.net acts as a storage facility for back ups and poll events and provides you with all your transmission data and information instantly 24/7.

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1300 65 44 33 +61 2 8787 9865
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  • Faster transmission speeds
  • Lowest poll fail rates
  • Highest network uptime
  • Unlimited data on a scalable network
  • 24/7 managed network
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Direct fibre link to Telstra
  • Redundancy at every level of communication
  • Patented protocols
  • Highest quality panels
  • Tailored polling plans from 20 seconds
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