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A superior level of quality and design, without the superior price tag.


CLASS 5 AS2201.5


The Multicom MC5P is an alarm transmission device that redefines the way alarm systems communicate and authenticate alarms. The primary function of the MC5P is to act as a back-up and monitoring device for the entire alarm system, or a reliable communications link for the monitoring or control in a wide range of applications. The MC5P communicates across five transmission paths, including GPRS, GSM, PSTN, Ethernet and PFP, and does so simultaneously, so if one path fails the MC5P automatically and transparently transmits across one of the remaining transmission paths, providing constant reliable communication.   

Low maintenance & intelligent

The Multicom 5 Plus has been designed and built in Australia from the highest quality componentry, and uses Australia’s leading Surepoll Network.  It’s reliable, intelligent and maintenance free - guaranteed.


The easiest panel to install

The Multicom 5 Plus is a true plug and play communications panel, with installation and configuration options such as Bluetooth, Serial and SMS.  What other panel lets you plug it in and walk away?  The Multicom 5 Plus makes installation easy. 


The most affordable panel in its class

We believe price shouldn’t compromise quality.  That’s why we’ve created an affordable panel with true quality and workmanship.  We’re proud to offer you a communications panel of this calibre, with twice the performance, at half the cost.

Network Diagram

Inteliswitch Wireless Power Control

The MC5P manages client network infrastructure resulting in maximum network availability.  It wirelessly monitors & power cycles external network equipment (modems & routers) in the event of network drop-out.



    • True plug and play with Bluetooth configuration capabilities
    • On-board Ethernet and Inteliswitch for auto power cycle & modem reboot
    • Concurrent alarm transmission and polling paths including GPRS, PSTN, GSM, Ethernet and PFP
    • 99.99% network uptime
    • Meets class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Australian Standard AS2201.5 2008
    • C-Tick approved and certified
    • Uses Australia’s leading Surepoll Private Network - Secure, managed and supervised 24/7 with emergency support hotline
    • Connects to any security system reporting ContactID


MC5P Panel Image
*Inteliswitch Patent Pending

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Contact Information

  Australia International
Enquiries & Support
(9AM – 5PM AEST)
1300 65 44 33 +61 2 8787 9865
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(9AM – 5PM AEST)
1300 73 22 83 +61 2 8787 9867
Emergency Support 
1800 851 001 +61 2 8787 9823
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Works with AlarmLINK

All Multicom communicators are made for AlarmLINK - a free app for Android and iPhone lets you brand your company, while providing your customer with powerful features:

  • Remote arm/disarm
  • Personal panic alarms with geo-location
  • Control doors, lights & gates
  • Full polling, alarm & activity history
  • Passcode protection on every feature
  • Interactive temperature control (on temp. enabled panels)


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