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A cost-effective Dual-SIM 4G/GSM communicator that doesn’t compromise quality over affordability


CLASS 4 AS2201.5


Future proof your client's existing security system 

The Multicom 4 Plus is perfect for installers wanting a cost-effective 4G/GSM communicator that doesn’t compromise quality and function over affordability.


The Multicom 4 Plus alarm communicator breathes new life into your client’s existing alarm system and enables you to offer an easy and low-cost solution when your clients switch to VoIP.


The MC4P enables delivery of alarm messages across multiple carriers and paths.  If one path fails the MC4P automatically and transparently transmits across one of the remaining paths, providing constant reliable communication. 


Dual-SIM technology doubles the redundancy by utilising 2 separate carrier networks. The 4 Plus can detect issues & outages on the active SIM and automatically switch to the secondary carrier. This technology allows the 4 Plus to eliminate service outages due to a single carrier’s network.


The MC4P not only delivers alarm messages more securely and across more paths, but it also enables polling as frequently as every forty seconds.  In addition to polling, the MC4P offers PFP, a proprietary Poll Fail Protocol that verifies active communication paths in the event of signal dropout or panel failure.


The MC4P hardware is C-Tick approved and certified, combines the highest quality components, sourced globally, and is designed in Australia, meeting class 1, 2, 3 & 4 of Australian Standard AS2201.5 2008.


Perfect offering for:


Commercial and industrial properties

Rural properties

Small to medium businesses

Large residential estates and campuses

Sites that do not have a fixed phone line


Intelligent input & output control


The Multicom 4 Plus has in-built output relays that enable you to remotely arm & disarm your alarm panel, open gates or turn lights on & off.   

You or your client can also control these outputs with simple, secure SMS commands sent from a mobile phone.  These features open your business to more opportunities.


The most affordable communicator in its class

As with all products in our Multicom range, we’re proud to offer you a communicator with unmatched features in it’s class at such an affordable price.


Why Multicom?

    • Designed in Australia
    • C-Tick approved and certified
    • Highest quality componentry
    • Most affordable communicator in their class
    • No fixed phone lines required - perfect as a replacement when switching to VoIP technology such as NBN
    • Communicating over the leading private security network, with a proven 99.99% network uptime
    • Compatible with 99% of existing alarm systems
    • Quickly and conveniently plugs into your existing panel
    • Polling checks the integrity of your security system and connection


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Contact Information

  Australia International
Enquiries & Support
(9AM – 5PM AEST)
1300 65 44 33 +61 2 8787 9865
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1300 73 22 83 +61 2 8787 9867
Emergency Support 
1800 851 001 +61 2 8787 9823
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Works with AlarmLINK

All Multicom communicators are made for AlarmLINK - a free app for Android and iPhone lets you brand your company, while providing your customer with powerful features:

  • Remote arm/disarm
  • Personal panic alarms with geo-location
  • Control doors, lights & gates
  • Full polling, alarm & activity history
  • Passcode protection on every feature
  • Interactive temperature control (on temp. enabled panels)


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