Suretek Integrate WebWayOne to the Suretek Network
WebWayOne has been integrated to the Suretek Network and is now available to over 80 Monitoring Centres in Australia. 
We are proud that WebWay, a strong global brand in the IP alarm transmission space, have handpicked Suretek to partner with exclusively to host, deliver and manage the WebWay Alarm Transmission platform and signals.  
Signals will be delivered to each Monitoring Centre via the Suretek IP gateways SG2/Surepoll Gateway (now with 4G), through direct connect fixed and wireless links to the Suretek Network. The total service will be supported by the Suretek Data Centre which is manned 24/7 by licensed professionals. 
Integrating to the Suretek network makes WebWayOne, Multicom and upcoming integrations co-location ready.
The Suretek Network is the ideal platform for manufacturers of IP products and services who are looking to deliver signals to Monitoring Centre’s in Australia. 

WebWay today announces its partnership with Suretek

10th November 2015
WebWay is a global alarm transmission service provider who's technology is used in CMS's across the world.
Suretek will exclusively host the WebWay Alarm Transmission platform locally within their data centres. Suretek will provide a single point of contact for bureaus and CMS’s to receive first and second line technical services. WebWayAustralia will provide commercial and logistical services, with 24 hour third line support from WebWay’s UK headquarters. The partnership enables bureaus to benefit from WebWay technology and access the dozens of CMS’s connected to the Suretek network.
WebWay is a global alarm transmission service provider who's technology is used in CMS's across the world, providing security system management and alarm signalling services. WebWay customers include global banks and retailers as well as domestic and commercial properties. They serve over 100 CM’s in Europe with over 50,000 live connections.
WebWay has integrated the protocols of leading alarm panel manufacturers into their communications devices for Contact ID, SIA and UDL over internet and 3G networks. Uniquely, WebWay provides a roaming SIM with their radio path capable of accessing Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, automatically selecting a working path for transmission.
"WebWay's receiving platform is far more than that. It provides an intelligent fault monitoring and diagnostic capability. This enables our technical team to diagnose issues in detail, whilst keeping network noise for operators at a minimum. The solution answers many questions for bureaus and CMS’s who want to offer a reliable and value added service.” said Luke Kavanagh, General Manager of Suretek.
The key benefits of the WebWay product range include: Integrated intruder, fire and property management signalling, lower cost network monitoring, reduced site visits and remote fix or first visit fix for alarm system and communications, secure remote maintenance.
"This is an exciting opportunity to provide the Australian security market with world class alarm transmission solutions, used by the biggest security companies in the world to protect the biggest retail brands." said Sebastian Roberts, Commercial Operations Manager for WebWay Australia.
"Our partnership with Suretek enables bureaus and CMS's to have a single point of contact for the support of alarm delivery. WebWay technology embedded locally within Suretek's data centre, with managed routing to dozens of CMS's gives bureaus the ultimate integrated alarm signalling solution." says Chris Carter Brennan, Managing Director, WebWayOne.
Sebastian will be meeting bureaus and CMS's to discuss how WebWay and Suretek can provide the solution to NBN issues using either signalling via the internet or 3G radio.
Please contact WebWay or Suretek at for more information. 



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