Multicom 3G Announcement
Partner Update
Multicom 3G
Available May 2014
We hope the 3G addition to our Multicom 4 Plus will be good news for our out-of-city and country partners who don't receive the same GPRS coverage as the more populated areas of our country.

As a valued Suretek partner we wanted to let you know that we have now added a 3G version of the Multicom 4 Plus into our line-up.

Why 3G Now? In our initial product launch strategy we intended to skip 3G altogether and move directly to 4G. The 3G network has always been seen as a stepping stone technology leading to better things, that of course being LTE/4G.

We've had 4G models in active development for some time, however modem manufacturers in the M2M space still do not have suitable modems available on the preferred Australian carrier frequencies and in particular for the up and coming 700mhz range. After many requests from our country partners in particular those looking for greater distance coverage we decided to release our most popular alarm communicator, the Multicom 4 Plus, in a 3G solution.

Despite sunset announcements in some countries, GPRS in Australia is still a viable solution. With the hand held smart phone market moving the consumer to 3G/4G, we are seeing GPRS actually becoming extremely reliable. With all carriers having interconnect agreements until 2017 and with standard end of life roll out plans we will likely not see the closure of GPRS/2G anywhere until 2019. The GPRS/2G is rather profitable for all the carriers - the infrastructure has basically paid for itself over and over and the M2M market is enormous and rather profitable for all carriers in this space. It's also of course, the most cost-effective for the consumer and the more realistic closure might be in the vicinity of 2020-2022.

The MC4P 3G stocks will be available in May this year. Please advise your account manager on your estimated (non-committed) quantities so we don't disappoint.

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