Press Release: Multicom NTD readies the Security Industry for the NBN

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In June 2012, Suretek announced the release of the Multicom New Technology Dialler (NTD).  The NTD is the first device of its kind designed to connect existing alarm systems to the NBN.  With the majority of alarm systems not designed to work on the NBN, Suretek are at the forefront readying the security industry for the NBN uptake with the Multicom NTD.


By the start of 2013, approximately 758,000 Australian homes and businesses will have access to the NBN or had work commenced.  By mid-2015 that figure is projected to jump to a staggering 3.5 million premises, rendering hundreds of thousands of existing alarm systems potentially inoperable.


Connecting a Multicom NTD will not only further the lifespan of the consumers existing alarm system, but will report alarms faster than on PSTN.  Furthermore, the Multicom NTD will communicate a health test message to the security monitoring centre every 70 seconds, lifting the alarm system’s security classification to very high Class 3 service as per Australian Standard AS2201.5:2008.  


Consumers who are considering upgrading their home and business to NBN or VoIP, should give consideration to their alarm system and the impact of your alarm system no longer communicating.  The cost effective way of upgrading existing alarm systems to new technology is as simple as connecting the now proven Multicom NTD.

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About Suretek 

Suretek is part of the Suretrak Global Group, an innovative Australian owned, security Technology Company who specialise in developing and delivering solutions to the consumer through electronic security industry. 

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