Are all 1345/1300 services created equal?

Revenue. It’s a big motivator for security companies when it comes to choosing a security telecommunications provider for all their 1345/1300 priority services, but does the question “how much will my rebate be?” cause companies to overlook some extremely important factors when choosing a security telecommunications provider?


The security telecommunications industry has always been a competitive one- that fact is undisputable- but it is also baffling, because not all 1345/1300 service providers are created equal. It would seem to many, that most security service providers are just resellers for the larger Telcos, unnecessary middle-men that are simply there to amass events and provision services, and while we agree to some extent that there are a few 1345/1300 service providers out there that fit that description, it couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to Suretek.


Surecall by Suretek is a 1345/1300 provisioning service that offers priority calls for alarm diallers with competitive rebates based on (and regulated by) monthly event totals, but what a lot of security companies do not know is that Surecall is also a PSTN redundancy service for all your monitored lines, with 24/7 emergency support levels that exceed those at a Telco level, and a $1000 communications guarantee that you can pass onto your customers for their peace of mind. Suretek is also a registered member of the TIO and carriage service provider.


Over the next 5-10 years the alarm industry is going to see a mass-migration to VoIP technology, as well as a mass-migration of all Telstra wholesale services from Telstra-owned infrastructure to the government owned NBN fibre optic network. While some residential and commercial clients may decide to retain their fixed line/PSTN over the NBN through bundling or reliability of services while VoIP technology is refined, security companies may see a substantial drop in their client base due to these migrations.


When this happens, security companies will really be able to see the difference in service offerings from security telecommunications providers. The ones who are not stand-alone, and the ones who have not innovated, will most likely disappear altogether.


That is why Suretek have invested a lot of time and money into making Surecall a truly innovative service, one that is competitive, reliable and future-proof. For Surecall customers, when your clients transition to VoIP services over the next 5-10 years, Suretek have the ability to continue to provide you competitive rebates, redundancy on your 1345/1300 numbers and guaranteed communications.


While other security telecommunications providers may throw any rebate amount at you now, they may not be able to do so in the near future, and providing exorbitant rebate amounts in the interim may causes volatile fluctuations in the industry, which has the potential to cause Telco reform.


Surecall is a truly unique product with the very real mission to bring you quality of service and longevity of your rebate. Choose a Surecall service today and benefit for years to come.


For more information about rebates on IP or Surecall provisioning, simply email us on and we will get in touch with you about our innovative products and services.

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