MOBOTIX D14 Product Announcement

Simon Hall of MXInstaller - First look at the MOBOTIX D14 


The D14 product line is the first dual camera dome series, based on the new processor platform that will completely replace the D12 product line. The D14 introduces improved performance, features and functionality.

 DualDome D14 Features

Key Features of the MOBOTIX D14 Dual Dome product line:

    • new processor platform
    • higher maximum frame rates in all resolutions
    • 4GByte micro SD card is part of standard delivery of SEC and IT models
    • support of micro SD cards up to 64 Gigabytes!
    • adjustable PoE classes, 1 to 3
    • improved audio
    • improved sensor cabling
    • MxBus, Mini USB 
The D14 is quite flexible in terms of sensor and lenses. It consists of the D14 body and the D14 sensor module, which can be ordered separately. As with the D12, D14 sensor type and configuration can be changed afterwards.

Differences between the D14 and D12

As the D14 product line is nearly identical to the D12 product line, the major differences are seen only internally.  D14 is based on the P3 platform plus video acceleration chipset. Therefore the major difference is processing power resulting in higher maximum frame rates in all resolutions. Other important differences are the interfaces. 
The D14 does not have the HD-15 plug anymore, which means no direct connection to RS232, IOs and backup power pin. This should be considered in system designs. Most interfaces can be replaced with USB, MxBus or will be realized with individual add-on modules (MiniIO, Sound Box, etc.) in the future.


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