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With Intelipath you could lose your phone lines and your alarm receivers and still receive your alarm transmissions.

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Alarm transmission redundancy you can't find anywhere else

Intelipath is a patented alarm delivery protocol that is available exclusively to Surecall One3 and SG2 users.  In the event that your PSTN lines become congested or go down, or if your monitoring centre receivers fail, Intelipath will automatically redirect your critical alarm transmissions via the SG2 in your monitoring centre.  Your lines and receivers could go down and you could still be receiving alarm transmissions via Intelipath.


Automatic and transparent transmission switching

Traffic switching, that requires no manual intervention; Intelipath utilises and expands upon the capabilities of the IN (Intelligent Network) Platform.  Any standard Telco IN platform enables your alarm dialler transmissions to divert on busy or no answer to an alternate number but with Intelipath your alarm dialler transmissions can also be switched automatically when you lose your PSTN lines or if your alarm receivers fail.


The best part of Intelipath is it's guarantee

Intelipath is patented technology is so good we guarantee it.  Installers and monitoring centres who use Intelipath are able to offer their customers the exclusive Surecall One3 $1000 communications guarantee, which has already proven to win business and maintain strong customer retention.


 Podcast explaining the Intelipath solution

In this podcast we discuss failover redundancy issues when using GSM and how Intelipath is designed to ensure all alarm events are delivered during outages and congestion.


How Intelipath Compares to GSM Backup

  Intelipath GSM Backup
Redundancy for incoming PSTN Alarm Receiver traffic Supported 100% 80% (Statistically)
Incoming PSTN Redundancy Line limitation Unlimited Max 4
Provides Redundancy for Alarm Receiver failure Supported Not Supported
Still Process Events when the CMS Alarm Receiver fails Supported Not Supported
Designed for Co-location needs Supported Not Supported
Instantly switch to multiple locations Supported Not Supported
Instant Redundancy for the Redundancy receiver itself Supported Not Supported
Compatible with all alarm panels Supported Not Supported
Redirect alarm traffic on the fly Supported Not Supported
Able to process alarm traffic without an alarm receiver Supported Not Supported
Instant Alarm Receiver congestion Handling Supported Not Supported
Maximum number of simultaneous calls Unlimited 4
Faster than GSM and more reliable Supported Not Supported
Multiple communication paths SupportedSupportedSupported Not Supported
Redundancy for Multiple Receivers Supported 99 Receivers Not Supported 4 lines
Capable Alarm processing power average 60 seconds 1,920 30
Client Transmission Guarantee $1,000 Supported Not Supported
Internationally Patented Technology Supported Not Supported


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